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b. 1985 lives and works in Bronx, NYC.

Title: Callisto

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Jigsaw Puzzle Size19" x 19" (482.6mm x 482.6mm) 500 Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces, ESKA Premium Board. Traditional Paper Jigsaw Puzzle.

Collector Edition of 20 + 2AP

Level: Challenging

Signature Details:  Original Artwork: Callisto, 2019 Glass on panel 12 × 12 in.

These abstract artworks transform fragments of colored glass into terrazzo panels that explore identity and how people rebuild their lives after traumatic events.

Curatorial Spotlight: Curator Alaina Simone's selection of contemporary artists for Art x Puzzles: Puzzle with Purpose.

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Alteronce Gumby (b. Harrisburg, PA) received his BFA from Hunter College (New York, NY) in 2013 and his MFA from Yale College of Art (New Haven, CT) in Painting and Printmaking in 2016. He is an abstract artist working across multiple mediums and disciplines. In Gumby’s process, he utilizes landscape as it relates to space and everyday life. Often painting with his hands, Gumby configures his glass works in a jigsaw pattern, reconstructing chromatic spectrums of color, line, experience and spatiality. His work abandons traditional formalistic techniques to push the spatial boundaries of color, light, darkness and form.

Gumby has received prestigious awards including the Austrian American Foundation/ Seebacher Prize for Fine Arts and the Robert Reed Memorial Scholarship among others. He has participated in international residency programs such as the Fondation des Etats-Unis (Paris, FR), London Summer Intensive, the Slade School of Fine Art and Camden Art Centre (London, UK), Dumfries House and Estate, The Royal Drawing Dimplex Artist Studios (Scotland, UK) the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts (Salzberg, AU) and the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Residency (Captiva Island, FL). His work has been featured internationally, in Frieze New York (New York,NY) Independent Brussels (Brussels, BE), The Jean-Paul Najar Foundation (Dubai, UAE), Gladstone Gallery (New York, NY), Ltd (Los Angeles, CA) and the American University Museum (Washington, DC) among others. Gumby lives and works in New York City.